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Fanmail to mr. Ott!

Jag hade ingen aning om att man kunde skicka fanmail och få svar från en av sina absoluta idoler, men fan, det fick jag! Igår skickade jag följande mail till Ott, producenten och musikmaskinen som gör den fantastiska musik min son föddes till, och sedär, det tog mindre än ett dygn för honom att svara! Här är mitt mail:

"Hi! I know this may sound really strange, and i guess all good producers and artists get strange fanmail every now and then, and i promise, i am not one of those wacko fans that follow people around or build shrines for them, i just wanted to tell you a great story that involves your music:

Ever since i heard your first "blumenkraft" i have absolutely loved your music. It makes me feel fantastic and it has a great visual sense to it. I am a writer, and it really helps me forward in my mind. None the less, the way your music transforms in my mind when being on any hallucinogen substance is beyond my ability to write. Thanks for that. But anyway, here's the thing:

While being pregnant with my first child, i listened a lot to blumenkraft because it has that ability to be midtempo and downtempo at the same time. It seemed like the baby liked it as well as he always kicked me a bit more when listening to it. Before the birth of my son i decided to pack a lot of music in my bag before i went to the hospital, because i've always been a musicperson and i wanted to listen to music while giving birth. This sounds really corny but hear me out - music makes me really strong and aggressive and that's exactly what you need while giving birth. And i didn't plan this, but my son was born to one of your songs - Splitting an atom, wich is the best goddamn tune you have done.
Now, my son's name is Benjamin Alexander and he's the most perfect baby ever. He will be brought up listening to electronic music, and when he grows up i will tell him wich song he was born to.
That's all i wanted to say! Keep on making that wonderful music, and thanks for all the inspiration!
Loo Lönnroth,

Och hans svar, med bifogad bild på honom och hans dotter (som jag inte sätter ut här av legala skäl etcetera)



My daughter Daisy was born to “Smoked Glass and Chrome”. She too used to kick and dance when we played her Blumenkraft before she was born.
I just think babies must have excellent taste in music.
How old is he now?

Så jävla coolt! Ott rockar! Ännu mer!

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